Drama Therapy

Drama Therapy – The Journey

The Journey

As a child, art, drama and stories helped me cope emotionally and cognitively with what some people would describe as a difficult childhood.

It was natural therefore that I have offered training to children in drama and theatre wherever I have been based in New Zealand and Europe.

Realising the therapeutic value of Drama, I took the opportunity of training as a Dramatherapist in a three year post graduate diploma through Surrey University.

When I returned to New Zealand I took up a position in Education where I could work with children and adolescents with learning and behaviour problems. During this time I added Sandplay and Symbol; Interactive Drawing and Reality Therapy to my modalities.

In my private practice I continued receiving referrals from schools-paid for by the Ministry of Education, for children exhibiting social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. I discovered my eclectic approach, where the therapy suits the client rather than the client fitting the therapy also suited individuals, couples and families who are seeking assistance.