Therapies Explained

All therapies can be used effectively with children, adults, couples, families and groups.

Our Creative Drama classes/workshops are held in Titirangi and Green Bay, West Auckland. Numbers are strictly limited.

Enquiries for counselling are by phone only – (09) 814 9410. Sessions are held in the Titirangi area.

Reality Therapy William Glasser

Dramatherapy 7LGE

Reality Therapy was developed by Dr William Glasser. The essence of Reality Therapy is that we are all responsible for what we choose to do.

We may be products of our past, but we are not victims of the past unless we choose to be.

This therapy is not a long drawn out process. The therapist engages the client in an evaluation of all their relationships, exploring what they want and how effective they are at getting what they want.

Much of the significant work of the counselling process is for the client to determine what they want to change, explore other possible behaviours and formulate an action plan.

The process of creating and carrying out plans enables people to gain effective control over their lives.

Sandplay & Symbol

Dramatherapy 5LGE

Sandplay takes many forms. The connection with the sand helps to ground, centre, or regress to the place that needs the most healing.

Sandplay acts as an aid for reflection, helping clients think about their own cognitive processes.

Some clients create sandplay at a regular period throughout the year, then view them collectively giving form to the client’s perception of what is happening in their lives.

Sandplay activates the self-healing tendencies. It is the client’s experience of the process which holds the potential for healing, rather than any therapeutic interpretation of the sand picture.

Expressive Arts Therapies


All people have an innate ability to be creative. The expressive arts including drawing, painting, writing, movement and drama are powerful tools in allowing us to express previously unknown facets of ourselves, thus bringing to light new information and awareness.

Our feelings and emotions are a source of energy, which can be channelled into the expressive arts to be released and transformed.

The expressive arts process offers us the opportunity to be aware of, face and accept our shadow aspect – the part of the self which we have repressed or denied – which in turn can bring us to a deeper self acceptance. Self acceptance and self-esteem are basic to becoming whole persons capable of caring for others and receiving love.

Although the product of creative expression holds important messages to the individual, it is the process that is profoundly transformative.